Sunday, August 19, 2012

Colaborativ shopping


I've had a small problem, when we (me and my girlfriend) was planning for shopping. It was bit chaotic.... she usually during evening or when she have break in work was browsing and creating shopping list.
However it was me who was the list "holder" I have the list on my android phone. In last week she also starts to taking my table in the evening and browsing on it. Even she don't like the f*cking touch thing she use it rather then her laptop. But she doesn't like to copy past in android. Me neither by the way.


OK, so problem is how to automatically create the list which I can manage, somebody else can add items there and we don't need nothing extra then email, cause on the android you can share the page and on laptop it's not so much different.


I combined 3 things together where gmail, ifttt and evernote.
1) In gmail I've created new label "Nakup" (something like "shoping list" in czech), and create a rule that all mails from me(in case I'll share something from my android) and my girlfriend with subject containing "N(n)akup" goes to this label.
2)I've created rule in ifttt every new Nakup label mail in my gmail is taken and base on the subject in evernote create new list and content of mail is added in it or if exist then added to existing.

How it works:

Let's say my girlfriend finds something in Ikea she wants, she just "share page" from my andriod and send mail to myself with subject "Nakup - Ikea".
New shopping list "Nakup - Ikea" is created with content of that mail.
Later on when she finds something else she send's me another mail (from her mail) with same subject Nakup - Ikea and contaent of this mail is added to same list.

I can edit the list in evernote any time I want.

This is best solution with general (Not specialized) tools I've come with till now.
If you are suing something better, please let me know.

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