Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CiscoSecure ACS Password recovery

Long time ago I was trying to search how to get in to Cisco ACS when I forgot my password.
When I searched on google I didn't find anything usefull, after all I find the way my self and to my suprise it's nothing secret or hard to find you just need to know what to search to be able to find it.
But because "CiscoSecure ACS Password recovery" is not working here is howto and from now on it maybe possible to find it ;-)
By default it's possible to access the CiscoSecure ACS admin page without login from localhost, but sometimes this is changed and even when accessing from localhost you need to use login and password. There is ofcourse way how to put default behavior back.
You need to have rights to change the registry if you have then do folloving
1)Open regedit
2) Go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco\CiscoAAAv3.3\CSAdmin\Security]
3) Change "allowAutoLocalLogin" to 0
Now you will be able to access ACS admin page from localhost without login.
P.S.: Even you can find this HOWTO on more side I was not able to find it asking google for "ACS Password recovery" I hope everybody will be possible to do so.

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